Zach Vesperi. Poet. Boston.

we’re banging, all cylinders aglow
a raucous glint in the devil’s eye
the sex
the rage
elation, euphoria, elation
the pores of our skin dilated
open to each other
nervous system
alive, alive, alive
nervous breakdown
closed doors quiet no rapture
on our knees on the floor
praying, pleading to each other
the space between us ever constant
we rely
gasping and grasping, borne darkness
it’s okay
dusk dawn dusk dawn
we hold the last 20 dollars
we open the first pack of marlboro’s
sky wrought fingertips cry with me
maybe little pinch
ever, ever, ever
we’re banging, all cylinders aglow
it’s all a swerve
the sex
the bliss
pour you into
this is the feeling
call to me
this life
yes, yes, yes
i can’t give it up

— 4 days ago
"Nothing in the world smells as good as the person you love."
— 3 weeks ago with 352073 notes